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2021-2022 Competition Infrastructures

Competition for a Bridge over River Arno

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Project Info

The project of the new bridge was born with the reference of the Romanesque bridge of the thirteenth century with the arches
and the pylons, especially in its equally simple yet technically advanced form, that yes
inserts into the landscape with its pseudo-sinusoidal shape, recalling the gesture of simple and
rapid river crossing.
The new bridge takes its cue from the ancient and re-reading the static structure proposes a bridge that
recalls and dialogues with the arches the trapezoidal pillars of the nearby bridge and proposes them again, updating the
construction technology and materials.
The arches have longer spans and will be of steel, the rhomboid pillars are in harmony with the
profile of the arches and with the simplicity of the slightly arched deck that lies down
simply on the ground to be joined.
The new bridge project is conceived not only as a river crossing but as a
opportunity to create a public access point and site to the river, built with new materials
and new construction technologies, in a careful evaluation of the costs and benefits and the consequent
choice of new materials, in full respect of the landscape and the environment.