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About Us


SHESA Architectural Design

Studio SHESA was founded in 2002 making use of the experiences matured by its three components in building design, strategic and industrial design, and urban planning.

lt is a professional practice operating singularly or in a joint venture in ltaly and abroad offering services in various activities, from preliminary studies to the construction direction of the design project.

The practice carries out its own activity in the context of urban development, building design and construction, with all the complementary specializations.

Urban planning

requalification of urban areas

Renovation of historical centres

Leisure buildings

Sport facilities

Museums and exhibition buildings

Product Design

Urban forniture


Educational buildings Residential buildings

covering all aspects needed to complete a design project to follow efficiently each phase of the work.

SHESA guarantees a specialized management and the control of the relative services, like Time planning

cost and quantity estimation economical and financial management construction management

site direction


financial consulting

The projects developed by SHESA are often complex operations, indicating the capacity of the practice to offer multidisciplinary activities in the path between idea and its realization, through a process of “project growing” passing by digitai and virtual representations, materials resarch, experimentations, prototipization, management of the building process.