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2021-2022 Competition Offices

Concorso per la realizzazione dei nuovi headquarter Vergero

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Project Info

The starting point of the project and fulcrum of its development is the close relationship between interior spaces and


The goal is to create a sort of visual but also physical osmosis between the two categories, external and

internal, leading to a more pleasant work experience.

The main architectural element through which this osmosis is perpetuated is the green, used

as an element of continuity but also with a clear indication of sustainability and effectiveness

energy efficiency of the building.

In particular, an attempt was made to build a path, even visually, through the entire length of the

building, whose characteristic was always the strong presence of green, who perceives as part

integral to the work environment.

Hence the choice of having a patio on which all the annular distribution routes overlook

offices and a full-height space adjacent to the patio on which the areas insist

common, in a visual spatial continuity sought after.

The ground floor is perceived as a single space divided into several episodes of which that

more important is the central patio, which in turn frames a tree of Kiri, the

plant that absorbs the most C02 of all, strongly symbolic element and at the time

himself aesthetically valuable, which wants to subtly recall the vocations of the group.

The patio separates the bar-restaurant area from that of the gym, but at the same time makes them part of it

of a whole, flowing into a garden at the bottom of the building, its natural continuation to the external.